Close the Gaps in Your Smile
July 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental ImplantsSmile gaps from tooth loss impact how you look, eat and speak. They even change your jaw structure as bone recedes when even a single tooth is extracted. What's the solution? Close the gaps in your smile with dental implants from Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry. Dr. Paul LeTellier offers state-of-the-art replacement solutions for a wide variety of tooth loss situations--including yours.

Better than conventional replacements

Before dental implants, a patient's only options for tooth replacement were fixed bridgework or partial and full dentures. While dentists still used these reliable prosthetics, they present certain drawbacks, including:

  • Gum and bone resorption
  • Facial changes (aging, wrinkling, skin sagging, reduction in bite height)
  • Speech slurring
  • Enamel reduction on supporting teeth (in the case of partial dentures which have clasps and fixed bridges which need support from dental crowns)
  • Slippage (full dentures sometimes need adhesives or refitting)
  • Sore spots on gum tissue

However, dental implants erase those issues. Inserted directly into the jaw via in-office oral surgery at Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry, dental implants are rock-solid, bone-preserving and natural-looking. They feel and function just like the real thing.

The secret behind implants

Why do dental implants fill smile gaps so well? The secret to their success is oseeointegration. When Dr. LeTellier opens the gums and places a titanium implant screw into the jaw, the bone immediate starts to bond to the implant. Over many weeks. osseointegration continues, and gradually, the device become ready to accept a metal extension post and custom-made porcelain crown.

As the patient uses the single-tooth implant, jaw bone and gum tissue improve in size and strength. The final result is an artificial tooth which, with diligent oral hygiene, lasts a lifetime, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA).

Additional options

If you are missing more than one tooth, Dr. LeTellier may offer you implant-supported dentures of various types such as:

  • Fixed bridgework (multiple replacement teeth in a row) secured by implants
  • Removable partial dentures anchored by implants
  • Fixed or removable full dentures (fixed full dentures may require four, six or more implants)

Through careful visual examination, X-rays and digital CT scanning, Dr. LeTellier determines if a patient has sufficient bone to support implants and if he or she possesses good oral health. These "must-have" qualifications practically guarantee implant retention and longevity. In fact, the IDIA states that dental implants succeed 95 percent of the time.

Find out more

Say goodbye to smile gaps for good. Arrange an informative dental implant consultation with Dr. Paul LeTellier at Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry. Phone (757) 436-0026 to speak with our friendly team in Chesapeake, VA, and look forward to a gap-free smile!