Discover The Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers
February 21, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Smile defects are discouraging. That's why Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry in Chesapeake, VA, offers cosmetic dentistry options to refresh and uplift your smile. Dr. Paul LeTellier is your in-house aesthetic expert, accomplishing simple to complex smile makeovers. One of his most popular services is porcelain veneers. These are laminates of high-grade ceramic designed to cover a range of flaws.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin tooth-shaped shells made from naturally-colored ceramic. They bond over the front side of healthy teeth, camouflaging defects such as:

  • Hairline cracks
  • Pits
  • Small gaps
  • Mild crowding
  • Craze lines
  • Deep stains
  • Chips
  • Poor shape, size, and length

To ensure veneers are right for your smile, Dr. LeTellier will meet with you to discuss your smile goals. He'll do an oral exam and X-rays to evaluate your oral health. If veneers are your best cosmetic dentistry service, he'll do the entire process right in his Chesapeake, VA, office.

What it involves

Your porcelain veneers will take at least two visits to Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry. To ensure a precise fit and bite for your veneers, your dentist will resurface each tooth, removing about 1/2 millimeter of enamel. Then he will place temporary veneers so your smile looks normal as you wait for your permanent veneers.

When you come back to the office, Dr. LeTellier will remove the temporary veneers and bond the new ones in place. A light-sensitive, tooth-colored adhesive secures the laminates.

Caring for your new smile

Veneers are resilient and long-lasting, having a lifespan of at least ten years, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

To keep veneers bright, be sure to brush twice a day and floss. Stay on top of your six-month cleanings with Dr. LeTellier.

Additionally, limit foods and beverages which stain teeth. Never bite down on ice cubes or other hard foods or non-food items.

Benefits of veneers

In summary, porcelain veneers from Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry:

  • Are a permanent refurbishment.
  • Add a measure of durability to your teeth.
  • Require far less enamel reduction than crowns.
  • Stay in place for a decade or more.
  • Disguise a range of cosmetic flaws.
  • Look very natural and complement your unique facial features.

Find your best smile

Dr. Paul LeTellier at Chesapeake Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will help you achieve a great look. Call his office in Chesapeake, VA, for a cosmetic dentistry consultation and learn your options: (757) 436-0026.