Show Off Your Best Possible Smile
April 04, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

People want to look prepared for job interviews, dates, or weddings. This is why Dr. Paul LeTellier, your Chesapeake, VA, offers cosmetic cosmetic dentistryprocedures to his patients.

Here are a few cosmetic procedures he offers:

Cosmetic Procedures

Your doctor assesses your teeth by scanning each tooth with an x-ray. If any serious problems need to be fixed, like tooth decays, he will address those issues first.

The next step involves choosing one of the following procedures:

Crowns: A dental crown is a porcelain cap that covers a tooth. Severely decayed teeth may have large portions of it removed. Your Chesapeake doctor uses a crown to help preserve what remains of your natural tooth. The crown will add support to your tooth and conceal:

  1. Cracks
  2. Dents
  3. Chips

Bridges: Bridges are custom-made oral appliances that are fixed partial dentures or removable bridges can be removed that can conceal:

  1. Dental gaps
  2. Restore proper bite
  3. Restores chewing functions

Veneers: They resurface an individual's teeth by hiding superficial flaws. A few things veneers cover are:

  1. Stained teeth
  2. Discolored teeth
  3. Crooked
  4. Worn or chipped teeth
  5. Irregularly shaped teeth
  6. Overcrowdedness.

Dental Implants: This is a cosmetic and restorative procedure addressing tooth loss. It's vital to deal with this problem due to the lack of support. Lack of support may lead to deterioration of your jawbones.

Fillings and Dental Bonding: Your dentist will apply an etching solution to the surface of your tooth, then apply composite resin matching the color of your teeth is applied and molded to the right shape. This procedure reshapes a person's damaged teeth. Some things contouring can help with are:

  1. Crooked
  2. Chipped
  3. Cracked
  4. Fractured
  5. Overlapping
  6. Overcrowded
  7. Teeth with pits and grooves in enamel

If you have any questions or concerns about tooth contouring and reshaping, then call Dr. LeTellier at his Chesapeake, VA, office at (757) 436-0026.