The Benefits of Dental Implants
By Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry
March 16, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Learn more about the many advantages of getting an implant.

It can be a challenge deciding which restoration is the right one for you. But let your Chesapeake, VA cosmetic dentist, Dr. Paul LeTellier, dental implantshelp you decide whether dental implants could be the ideal choice for your tooth loss.

If you don’t already know, dental implants are used to replace missing tooth roots. An implant is a small metal post that will serve as a durable foundation from which to hold a dental crown, bridge or dentures. So, what makes dental implants so special and what are the advantages of choosing them over other tooth replacements?

New and Improved Look

Dental implants are designed to both look and function just like real teeth, and since they also fuse together with bone they are the only way to permanently replace a missing tooth for life. They are also the next best thing to a natural tooth.

Make Eating and Speech Easier

If you have dentures, you may be tired of them moving around in your mouth, particularly at mealtimes. Or you may find that they cause you to slur your words. If this has you frustrated, it’s time to consider getting dental implants in Chesapeake. Implants stay put so that you can enjoy noshing on all your favorite foods and feel confident speaking in front of others.

A Boost to Your Self-Esteem

By regaining a new tooth and restoring your smile, you can get back the smile you once had and ultimately boost your confidence levels.

Better Oral Health

Other restorations like bridges rely on using other natural teeth to support it, but implants don’t. By not needing to reduce or alter surrounding teeth, we can improve your oral health for the long-term. Not to mention, implants also prevent the jawbone from deteriorating and your facial structure from changing as a result of your tooth loss.

A Reliable Tooth

Implants are usually made from titanium, a durable metal designed to last the rest of your life if cared for properly.

These are only some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you get dental implants from your restorative dentist in Chesapeake, VA. If you are ready to replace your missing teeth with implants, it’s time you turned to Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry.