Whiten Your Smile
November 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Professional in-office whitening will blow your whitening toothpaste results out of the water.teeth whitening

While whitening toothpastes and commercial whitening kits can help make teeth whiter and prevent stains, if you already have some pretty nasty yellow and brown stains on your teeth then you may find that these simple solutions just don’t give you the results you had been hoping for. Luckily, our Chesapeake, VA, cosmetic dentist Dr. Paul LeTellier can help revamp your smile with teeth whitening.

Are you looking to get a significantly brighter smile quickly? Do you have a major event coming up or an important occasion in which you want your smile to truly shine? If so, then the best option will be our chairside whitening system. In one hour we could get your smile up to seven shades whiter. You’ll instantly see amazing results and some people will only need to get one session to get the results they want.

Sure, chairside whitening is more expensive than at-home options but if you truly want to refresh your appearance then this is the best way to remove stubborn dental stains quickly. When you come in for professional teeth whitening, our Chesapeake, VA, dentist will want to make sure that your smile is healthy enough for treatment.

So first thing’s first, you’ll come in for a consultation where we will examine your teeth and gums to make sure there isn’t any untreated decay or gum disease present, as these issues will need to be treated before you get cosmetic dentistry of any kind. Once we have determined that your smile is healthy enough for treatment and that the stains you have can be treated with professional whitening, we will need to thoroughly clean your teeth.

Once teeth are free of plaque and tartar buildup, we will place an oral separator into your mouth to reveal your teeth while also providing a barrier between your lips and the whitening gel to prevent irritation to your oral tissue. Then, the whitening gel is painted over the front of your teeth. In some cases, a dental light may also be directed over the teeth to activate and speed up the whitening process.

The gel is left on teeth for a few minutes before being removed and reapplied. It’s common to apply the whitening gel to your teeth a couple times during the course of one whitening session. Before we apply the gel we will look at the shade of your teeth on a shade guide. Once your treatment is complete, we will look at the shade guide again to see just how much brighter your smile is after treatment. You won’t believe the results!

Are you ready to get a smile that is as radiant and beautiful as you feel? Interested in finding out more about getting teeth whitening treatment in Chesapeake, VA? Then call Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry today to schedule your consultation.