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Teeth Whitening Specialist

Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry

Harry W Squire, D.D.S.

General Dentistry & Cosmetic and Family Dentist located in Chesapeake, VA

Is your smile dull, discolored, or simply less radiant than it used to be? Harry Squire, DDS, and the team at Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry offer professional teeth whitening services that can brighten your enamel, lift unsightly stains, and revitalize your smile. Call today to schedule an appointment at their office in Chesapeake, Virginia, or click online anytime to book a visit.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What causes tooth discoloration?

The surface of your teeth may look and feel smooth, but enamel has tiny indentations and undulations where food and liquid residue can hide out until you brush. And even when you do brush and floss thoroughly, trace residue may remain.

Sticky residue can build up over time, and your teeth may start to look a little duller or dingier than they used to. Certain areas of enamel — particularly areas with plaque or tartar — may also develop stains.

Tooth discoloration is usually a result of one or more of the following:

  • Insufficient daily oral hygiene habits
  • Infrequent professional dental cleanings
  • Repeated staining with tea, coffee, red wine, or berries
  • Smoking or other routine tobacco use

Even if you’ve always had relatively white enamel, tooth discoloration can become a problem as you get older and your enamel gets thinner, allowing the underlying dentin layer to give your teeth a yellowish hue.

How can I get a whiter, brighter smile?

Dr. Squire and the team at Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry offer two professional teeth whitening options:

In-office chairside whitening

Using whitening gel with clinical strength bleaching agents that’s only available to dental professionals, chairside whitening is one of the safest, quickest, and most effective ways to lift stains, reverse discoloration, and get a whiter smile.

A chairside whitening treatment starts with a cleaning. Then, after carefully shielding your lips and gums, Dr. Squire meticulously applies the whitening gel to each tooth. 

As the powerful bleaching agents in the gel start to activate, they lift stains from your enamel and brighten your smile — often by several shades.

Custom take-home treatments

You can also opt to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. Take-home whitening treatments use custom-fitted dental trays and a less intensive whitening gel to tackle stains, correct discoloration, and brighten your smile over the course of a few weeks.

A longer treatment time with a less intense whitening gel is designed to help you achieve optimal results without causing tooth sensitivity or gum discomfort. 

How can I maintain whiter teeth?

Professional teeth whitening delivers long-lasting results. Keep your smile looking radiant for years to come by maintaining excellent oral hygiene habits, scheduling dental cleanings twice a year, limiting enamel-staining foods and beverages, and having whitening touch-ups as needed.

If you’re ready for a whiter smile, call Chesapeake Family and Implant Dentistry or schedule an appointment online today.